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right places

I’ve always had a thing for tattoos (I have one myself) and seems to me that models have the cutest tattoos. Have I ever  mentioned my love for Freja Beha before?… If not, then YES I love her! and it has to do a lot with her tattoos, that kind of boy meets girl look and she obviously is extremely gorgeous!. Freja is one of those models that just has ..IT.. whatever it is.. haha. But why I’m bringing her to the picture now?.. is because I’m getting a new one and her tattoos caught my eyes from the moment I saw her and I really admire what they say and mean. The placement of her tats are very nice, they don’t make her seem vulgar or trashy! she in totall has 12 tattoos that I know of.


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  1. Isabel

    Loved the combination of the colors, and ofcourse those amazing, fierce shoulders!

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