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Haiti, tattoos, and hair?…

Hey! This will be a heavy post since I’ll talk about 3 different subjects.
First and most important, as you must NOT know (since I never mentioned it) I live in the Dominicans Republic that has for neighbor HAITI. I felt the earthquake even though it was pretty far from where I was, so I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m OK. Nothing bad happened in this side of the island but Haiti was devastated! so, I encourage you to help Haiti with any donation you, money.. Whatever. (contact the red cross or UNICEF)

Second thing is, I got new tattoos! 3 to be exact! And I love them. Honestly, I’ve been getting a lot of crap from some people asking me why I had them done,… why there..blah blah but I don’t care. What people don’t understand is that people get tattoos not for the world’s enjoyment but for oneself! its been 50/50 so far..

Third and last! What do you guys think about me dying my hair?… I love my hair color, but… I don’t know.. I think a lighter brown would give me a softer look?… The reason why I haven’t dyed it is cause I hate roots! And the thought of having to dye my hair weekly just makes me not want it at all!!!

Also! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, mine was pretty boring since I got sick! I pretty much was in bed all day and watched TV.


5 Responses to “Haiti, tattoos, and hair?…”

  1. M*

    Maybe a lighter brown is good on you. Try it. You can always go back to your colour!


  2. ANN

    That Haiti earthquake must’ve been sooo strong for you to feel it! I love your hair the way it is but a lighter brown would be really pretty too!

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