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I need marshmallows.

hello! this has been the most relaxing weekend ever! no one’s at home, everyone went to the beach house because Thursday was festive and so is today. Long weekend huh! I couldn’t go with them because I had class on Friday and Saturday morning! ..bummer!… So, I’m alone doing whatever I want.. meaning watching  TV with some hot cocoa and talking to my friends. slept .. a lot! how was your weekend? even though is Monday! oh, and no class tomorrow either! yay!


6 Responses to “I need marshmallows.”

  1. ebba

    Love this picture!

    SV: Thank you!! 😀
    I´m using Photoscape.

  2. Marz

    Hey, awesome blog! I love the pictures you take on your blog, very unique.

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  3. wulan

    nice pictures
    love the blog

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