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L2R: F21, Local store, Mexico

Hello lovelies!
Hope everyone is OK and not tired like I am. Yes, I’m practically dead! Exams are pretty close, so, I’ve been studying and working on really long projects. I have one that is due tomorrow, meaning that I’ve worked all damn weekend on it! how FUN is THAT!.. Anywaysssss, here I show you my favorite vintage sweater (a gift from my MOM!) I love it! is so comfy and thick!



7 Responses to “RED&GRAY”

  1. Laura

    I absolutely love your sweater!I love slumming it in my grandma’s vintage sweaters when i’m studying too! And your tattoos are so cool! Good luck with your exams!

  2. Dami

    the jumper looks lovely and the armwear is sick! also im def inspired by your tattoos, been thinkin abt getting one for a while 🙂 xx

  3. ebba

    ooh, i love youre tatoos! They are really cool. I want to be like you. so natural and dont wear any make up and be beutiful and confident(sonuds stupid), and do you know what? tomorrow will not wear any. HAHA. It may sound weird because i dont reallt know how to express my self in english that well, but i hope you understand it anyway, hehe.

    sv: well, my room is not always that tidy i can say, haha! But thanks!

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