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Hey beautiful people!

Hope everyone is doing ok. Busy?… yeah, so am I. Seems like I’ve had a whole semester of exams and projects, so exhausting! Hopefully I’ll have more of a break next semester. On a good note, I’m getting a new Macbook! YAY! at least I think I am.. my DAD has been sending me hints of what he is getting me from his trip to Miami… hum, I wonder what he is doing there.. I never asked.. lol anyway.. I might be able to most more since I’ll be able to carry it around with me! WOOT WOOT!

MUSIC!  this song is so cool! I love this band! its been on repeat all day…ok… the 4 hours that I’ve been awake! (its 9:40am) haha!


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  1. Jesus

    Me había logrado desenganchar d este tema pero he vuelto a caer….

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