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NAIL that color.

Hey everyone! I know its been a while but I’ve been having some personal stuff going that have kept me from posting and updating, and on top of that  I have school… So I haven’t really had the time to prepare anything for y’all! so here is a simple post!

When is comes to nails, the only colors that I turn to are: Black, White and Red; because I don’t like bright bright colors on my nails.. or too funky! no designs or weird stuff on them.. It’s not really my thing.. I’m not saying it looks bad, but I feel it doesn’t really fit me or.. suit me! so I stick to the basics. A recent one that I got was the Black Cherry Chutney from OPI, and its more of a Purple-ish red.. and I love it! I have only used it once though! but I know that I’m gonna be using it a lot!.

From L 2 R: Black Cherry Chutney, Royal Rajah Ruby, Midnight in Moscow, Lady in Black and Alpine snow

Well bye guys! have nice rest of the weekend!
love, Vic.


9 Responses to “NAIL that color.”

  1. CMA

    loving the nail colors!
    love your blog, great inspiration!
    thanks for sharing, love it


  2. RepublicOfChic

    Ooh. Fun blog.. WAIT! Are you Indian? I love ‘discovering’ fellow Indian style bloggers! 🙂

    Much admiration all the way from India 🙂

  3. Vivian

    love these colors! i need to find a good white nail polish!!

  4. Rianna

    Opi is a great make of varnish, i’ve got a zillion shades of red from opi and they are the best i’ve ever had!
    Rianna xxx

  5. Margaret

    I’ve never tried white nail polish – if it’s done badly, it looks like whiteout 😀 but yours is gorgeous!
    i’m so in love with Chanel Jade Rose… not that I own it 🙂
    and i’m also looking for a pretty grey colour
    love your blog 😀
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

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