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India and some Goodies.

Hey beautiful people!

Soooo.. my mom just got back from her trip to India! with her  Yoga (Devananda) group [ I reaaaally wanted to go but because of my class schedule… I couldn’t, but oh well]. They all went to the poorest locations there, since it was more of a spiritual journey, rather than a vacation shopping spree! And she was amazed at how people lived there! she said that people slept on the floor, would ask you for food on the streets, a bunch of kids running around, people had no shoes on and everything smelled like pee. It was really unsanitary!.. yet everyone seemed really happy and friendly! It was really hard for her to live like that for 3 WEEKS! so… yeah she enjoyed it.. I think! haha.

And like any mother would.. she brought me some stuff! (Awww I love her! haha) A bunch of beautiful jewelry and clothes! I just give you a preview cause its a lot!

OH! and this is so funny! yesterday (the day my mom got back) someone left me a comment asking me if I was from India! lol what are the odds!
and the answer is: no.. I am not. 🙂

well, have nice Weekend!
Love, Vic.


5 Responses to “India and some Goodies.”

  1. HS

    oh my goood! I love the rings, and the first necklace is awesome! you’re lucky

  2. Kassie

    Those pictures are beautiful. The colors are so inspiring.
    I love the rings your mom brought back for you! I’m a sucker for huge ornamental rings.

    Stolen Stiletto

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