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That new new!


So these babies have a new home now, WOHOO!!! (I’m such a dork! lol) anywhos, bought them last friday and wore them on monday…and… OMG, they are so comfortable!!! they weight NOTHING, nothing I tell you!!! And the studded necklace I got at a local jewelry store!  LOVES IT! haha.
I have a question regarding the shoes… are this originally by ZARA or Steve Madden?… I’m really curious about this, if any of you know, let me know!

Much Love, Vic.


13 Responses to “That new new!”

  1. aRi

    HEY vic, thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂

    wow these are amazing finds! i have been drooling over the same exact pair of ZARA’s, but everytime i visit my local zara, I never find them… so yeap I kindA gave up 😦

    and that necklace is trully amazing.

    oh I saw the shoes first from ZARA, so i think zara came out with them first. (but I think SM also carries them in black)

  2. chichichic

    gorgeous… and now i have to run to zara and get my own pair. sigh.

  3. RAEZ

    loveeeee these. They’re perfect for this summer:)

    xx raez

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