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I don’t know if it just me, but, I think perfumes should suit the person. Just because a scent is popular right now or it smells REALLY good, doesn’t mean that it will suit you; at least that’s what I think. Today I was shopping for my summer scent. Last summer I went with Flower by Kenzo. I loved it so much that I was thinking of getting it, but I wanted a change, because people start getting use to the scent and no longer makes an impression. SOOOO! my choices were




Even though Chanel doesn’t quite scream “summer”, its a good scent. The bad thing about it is: 1) that is doesn’t suit me,  its TOO ..formal?.. and 2) its too strong of a scent for me. I suffer from constant headaches, so I like to avoid getting those as much as I can.. because they are awful!.
This leaves me with RUSH and GUESS GOLD, it took me like 30min to decide which one to take home. They both smell really good! but, my choice was GUESS GOLD, because I can use it not only at night but also during the day and I like that. (I’ll probably go back and get RUSH too haha).

A fragrance that I’ve had for a while but haven’t really used it is Victoria’s Secret – Heavenly Enchanted; its smells really good. Imma start using it to go to class. 😉


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  1. Jesús

    Flowerbomb Extreme de Victor&Rolf es mi colonia favorita(la segunda es Gucci Rush)Pruebala creo que te va a gustar,es floral como Rush pero un poco mas perfumada

  2. Yaary favorite is Lola by Marc Jacobs 😀 i lovee that perfum..

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