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For a long time I haven’t been liking what MANGO has been putting out.. but this season I like. Last night on my way to the restaurant to have dinner with my family, we walked passed a MANGO store (and it obviously was closed), and I LOVED what they had on display. It was mostly the stuff posted in the last picture. I stared at it like for 5 min! My brother had to drag me away! thank god there was no one looking. haha. what do you guys think? liking MANGO?

much love, Vic.


6 Responses to “MANGO”

  1. Marta from With Love...

    Definitely agree this collection is stunning. I will certain check it out. I’ve lost complete interest in Mango after their past few collections as they were totally dull. This one is fantastic and it’s about time!


  2. Margaret

    I normally steer clear of Mango, simply because their pieces tend to be too old for me.
    but i want all of this :O
    thanks for sharing!

  3. aRi

    HOLA! :):)
    funny story I was just at the Mango store yesterday.. they have some amazing stuff. I found the best pait of army green cargo trousers… but they were out in my size!! this lookbook is great. I love the items as well as the styling.. and I agree with you, in the past I was not a fan especially of their magazine advertisements.. for some reason Scarlett Johanson (spell check pls) was not cutting it for me.

    but this I do love


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