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Missing my Technology

A couple of weeks ago my Ipod got stolen from my own house (my room to be exact) by either A) the cleaning lady, or  B) the dudes that were installing the divisions in my closet! either way I was REALLY UPSET! Cause if I haven’t said it before, my Ipod and my cellphone are two of my most important technological Items I own, followed by my camera and Macbook.

I’m the type of person that can’t sleep without listening to music, so.. I was in desperate need of getting a new one!

So today after going to the salon ( 😉 ) I made a stop at the apple store and got this new Ipod nano in black! and omg.. it is so thin! I’m afraid I might break it  just looking at it O.o… but other than that, it’s really cool.. I like it so much more than the other one I had.

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