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Texture & Detail (Dresses)



Siempre eh sido un poco extraña con esto de los vestidos, siempre me han hecho sentir incomoda. Nunca entendí porque hasta recientemente. Me di cuenta que antes el estilo era muy femenino para mi gusto y por eso me sentía.. no yo. Bueno, ahora los vestidos han cogido un giro y aire diferente, el cual debo admitir me gusta mucho. Las texturas y los detalles que actualmente estos presentan exhiben una elegancias que a la vez es bastante sexy sin llegar a lo vulgar.
I’ve always been a little strange when it comes to dresses, they’ve always made me feel uncomfortable. I never understood why up until recently. I realized that the style was very feminine for my taste and that’s why I was feeling.. not me. Ok, now dresses have taken a different turn and air, which I must admit, I like very much. The textures and the details that these present at the moment, exhibit an elegance that simultaneously is quite sexy without coming to be vulgar.


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  1. internet marketing

    Usually I do not wear dresses this daring, but I gave this one a spin and it has been nothing but compliments in my direction. Pair it with some stilettos and it’s perfect for a date night or out with the girls. Love this dress, totally worth the money!

  2. Yasmeen (Castle Fashion)

    I’ve always loved dressed but hated my legs 😛 To resolve the issue I just wear tights. There are ways around everything.

    I love the first one. The gold detail is incredible. ❤

    Castle Fashion

  3. Brigita

    Those two from asos are amazing. Love the clean lines!
    I think that I’m in the same situation with the dresses as you. 🙂

    Thanks for your nice comment. (:
    xx Brigita

  4. Britt Whit

    I agree, you always need to dress with what your comfortable or it will show! There is a dress for everyone!

    love from San Francisco,

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