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I feel like wearing…

  1. Scoop neck top
  2. H M short skirt
  3. Burberry wedge booties
  4. ASOS leather satchel
  5. Belt
  6. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

6 Responses to “I feel like wearing…”

  1. Monica

    wow ! I love the whole outfit! and I love the shoes, want some like it VEGAN!!?You have my support! Me and my fabulous partner are DESIGNING, MAKING AND SELLING AUTHENTIC, HAND MADE VEGAN SHOES! want some?!Come be a part of our journey and find out all the wittle details :)!! and give us some feedback! xoxo-Mumu support a good cause!

  2. Annie

    thanks so much for your comment. I just check out your blog and love it! especially that really pretty asos satchel!

    X, Annie

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