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Mis nuevas obsesiones para este verano los Bralettes y los Tap Shorts!  Siempre me han gustados los Bralettes y siempre los he usado, pero ahora, con mas ganas. Presiento que va a ser un verano súper caluroso. en cuanto a los Tap shorts, son para las mas valientes ya que es un short mucho mas corto y atrevido.
My new obsessions for this summer the Bralettes and Tap Shorts! I have always liked the Bralettes and I have always used them, but now, with more desire. I anticipate that it is going to be a super warm summer. as for the Tap shorts, they are for the bravest since it is a much shorter and bold short.

show it off

Highwaisted shorts
$62 –

Only heart
$25 –

Highwaisted shorts
$48 –

Akira coral shorts
$40 –

High waisted shorts
$38 –

$34 –

American Eagle outfitter
$8.99 –

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  1. silver price

    Summer is a perfect season to show the strongest weapon of all women- legs. It is high time to use it. Watch out, guys! It’s up to you which one to choose tap pants from Cynthia Rowley or some micro shorts by Balmain ,short shorts and boy shorts by Blumarine or hotpants from Mark Jacobs. You’ll hot in any of them!

  2. Sugel

    If the idea of retro lingerie makes you think of dreadful terms like “foundations” or worse, girdles, keep reading. Lacy little things have their place in many a top drawer, but retro lingerie, with a little more fabric and function, is just as alluring. Think along the lines of high-waisted panties and boyshorts, longline bras, tap shorts, and feminine ruffles- fun, right? The simpler shapes and modest cuts convey an innocence lost in the heaps of skimpy lace found in most stores these days, and even if you’re far from innocent, it’s fun to play the part every once in awhile. For a retro twist on a modern favorite, try Hanky Panky’s hi-rise panty – it’s perfect for high waisted jeans and skirts. Betsey Johnson’s cami and tap pant set is a sweet take on this throwback trend, and if pale pink and ribbons are your thing, you’ll love the charming ‘Amelie’ bralette from Undrest. Sure, these don’t exactly agree with your SO’s unofficial “less is more” mantra, but this was never really about them, was it? See the slideshow for my favorite retro underthings.

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