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Products I regret getting: hair

Hey girls! before I start commenting on these products I want to clarify that I’ll be talking about the results that they gave ME and what they did or didn’t for/to MY hair. These are personal opinions and it might be different for you, so if you want to try them out and see how they work for you, go ahead and do. If you’ve tried these, and had a different outcome, let me know.

Dove refresh+care Dry shampoo: where to begin.. well, let’s just start by saying that I couldn’t even test this properly, since it’s content evaporated 3 days after my 2nd try, so yeah. The 2 times I got the chance to use THIS, it left a horrible white residue on my hair that actually looked worse than my greasy hair in the beginning. One good thing about it?.. it’s did smell great.

Aussie heat protecting shining spray: AWFUL product! the smell of it is just wrong, I hated the way it “SPRAYED”, its wasn’t in an even way so it was more of a squirt, meaning I had to apply the product with my hands, leaving them sticky and gross. That same sticky feeling translated to my hair it felt sticky and lacked what the product says its supposed to do, leave it shiny! It looked dry and even more damaged than when I use nothing at all.

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