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Brow’s the new orange.

I’ve been noticing that girls are taking more care of their eyebrows now, than they did before. It’s been always clear to me that eyebrows are the frame of the eyes, an ugly eyebrow shape can totally ruin your face!

Lily Collins to sport bushier eyebrows

Here is what I think about eyebrows.. The best eyebrow shape for your face, is the one that you already have! you just have to, fill them in case of having super think close to non-existen brows, or groom them in case of having them super bushy.


  • Follow your original shape
  • Pay attention to your brow bone, because on it’s highest point, is where the arch (in case of having one) should be.
  • Fill them in with power-like products, they give a more natural effect
  • pluck them, don’t wax them. Waxing pulls on your skin when removing the hair, which means it’s making it weaker.


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    • vickyvicks0

      mine are dark and thick so I guess I have to thank God for tweezers! XD

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