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Product review: Jessica’s eyeliner marker/felt and pencil.

I think that no one can help but go into the makeup aisle when in the drugstore or convenience store, I sure can’t. I’m always in the look out for something new or just because I just love that aisle. Yesterday I stopped by “La Sirena, Multicentro” to stack up on magazines, and I decided to see what I could find. skimming through to find a good eyebrow pencil, I came across these new eyeliners, and decided to pick them up.

My first impression when I opened the cap to see the tip was, “Oh, I love shape”.
It’s nice to the contact, but it fades as its goes, works really well with short strokes.
It’s really really black and I like that.
Will smudge only with contact, not on its own.
Gives a mate finish wich was unexpected but pleasant surprise.
It’s light wight and comfortable to use.

It’s not as pigmented as I’d hope, but it’s buildable
Creamy consistency
and fare amount of product.

In conclusion, I liked this even with the cons, because the penliner turned out to be perfect as a brow pencil because is not AS dark as other eyeliners and the tip is fine enough to make small hair like strokes. As for the marker, the mate finish had me hooked and I can work with it very well, and with short strokes is actually the why I prefer lining my eyes.

these are my thought on these, it can work differently for you, so I suggest you try them for yourselves and see how you like them.SIGN-OFF

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