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DIY: Distressing your shorts!

Here I am going to show you how to distress your shorts, giving them that careless look that makes them look so cool and perfect for spring and summer.

1. You will need the obvious: scissors, nail file or regular file (the bigger the grain on the file the better) and tweezers.

2. The first tip I have for you is, to remember that you are in fact distressing your short or jeans so try no to be so careful.
To make the holes on the pocket area, don’t use the scissors in the regular way, making a clean-cut and then fraying with the tweezers, that just makes the process a bit slow and tedious. Instead what you want to do is to open the scissors and drag one of the sharp end across the pocket, this will make a rough slit making the fraying easier and faster. (Depending on the thickness of the denim you may have to go over 2 or 3 times)

3. To fray the edges, don’t go directly to the tweezers, it will take for eveeeer! take a rough file or nail file and roughen up those edges filing in a right to left motion, not up and down. Don’t be scared to ruin them, there is no possible way to do that!

4. NOW you can take out your tweezers! grab them and star pulling on the horizontal threads. Which horizontal thread? You don’t see any?

Try flipping the shorts inside out, and tadah! There you have the threads! This last step is the most tedious so turn on the TV and fray away.!


Throw them in the wash a couple of times, that will help too.

Hope this was helpfull in any way. SIGN-OFF

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